As I sit to make
a shopping list
to refill provisions,
the rack in the fridge that
houses eggs
makes a huge hue and cry.
The bread container
joins soon enough
with claims shouted at the top
of its shrill voice.
The jars that have long been
refuge to
oil, salt and pepper
start shrieking too.
The cane baskets designated
for onions and garlic
grab the opportunity to
raise their meek voices.
By the time the veggie rack
starts shouting for
tomatoes, green chillies and my staple saags
I can sense a rebellion
in my kitchen.

As I sit to make
another list to
shop for feelings I can’t live without,
the hollow chambers
inside my body
go berserk.
As I sense another rebellion
and look frantically for my ear plugs,
they shake me with
a deafening


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