a doomed fairytale

once upon a time there was a red haired prince who fell in love with a blue nosed peasant girl. since the prince was kept under strict supervision in the palace and the girl had so much work to do at home with her mother as well as in the small piece of land her father ploughed, they only found time to meet during the nights. in fact, it was on one of these full moon nights which now have become so rare that they first met. the white moonlight faded the blue of her nose to a powdery silver which immediately caught the prince’s eyes. on the other hand the prince’s blood red hair became a soft pink which gave the girl goosebumps. ever since they started having their small little rendezvous on moonlit nights. they would lie on their backs to gaze upon the stars, night after night. they had their own names for each star, they knew how the stars moved, from summer to winter through autumn. they knew when a star would fall, and what to wish for with each starfall. ‘may his soft pink hair always be like this’ one day the peasant girl would wish. ‘may her silver nose always shine like the stars’ the prince would wish the other day.

their love grew in leaps and bounds, at nights they would become inseparable, holding hands, looking into each other’s eyes and taking turn to look at the stars, making love under the sky when their naked bodies would be covered by the gentle autumn breeze and the slowly falling leaves. their love grew so strong, they could not remain separated any more. ‘let’s get married’ proposed the prince. ‘then we wouldn’t be separated in the daytime, we would make love all day long.’ ‘but would the king and queen agree?’ the girl was scared of rejection, ‘after all i’m just a peasant girl’. ‘but I love you and does love know any boundaries?’ assured the prince, ‘I’ll convince everyone, being in love with you has made me so strong that I can take on the whole world for you’. as the prince spoke with conviction, the girl’s heart grew calmer. yes, she thought, love truly knows no bounds. they decided to visit the king and queen together the morning after the next full moon. till then they met every night and made plans for their own small home. ‘I want our curtains to be the soft pink of your hair’ the girl said. ‘and I want our bedroom walls to be the powdery silver of your pretty nose’ the prince jokingly punched her nose and declared. as she giggled the gentle autumn breeze suddenly grew sad and heaved a heavy sigh. the girl startled. ‘do you feel? the wind stopped suddenly! is that a bad omen?’ the girl felt distinctly uncomfortable. ‘no omen can taint our love, sweetheart’ the prince patted her back and unhooked her frock. they made frenzied love that night. that night a rare incident took place, as many as two hundred stars fell. but the lovers busy in lovemaking did not notice and forgot to make a wish. with the promise of meeting near the palace gate by midday they bade farewell in the wee hours.

it was a scorching sun glaring at the shiny palace gate and everywhere else. the girl dressed in her best pearl white shirt and flowing orange skirt was sweating in excitement and anticipation. the prince decked up in his royal blue ornate bandhgala and cream churidar was looking confident and suave. as their meeting hour came nearer, they both took steps towards the gate. ‘who are you, fraud?’ the girl shrieked in horror as she looked for her prince. ‘a bloody red haired boy, have you come here to dupe me? where’s my prince? have you done him any harm? oh my god!’ the girl fainted right there, in front of the royal gate. the royal guards came running, ‘your highness! who’s this impudent girl? is she a friend of yours?’ the chief of guards inquired politely. ‘no, I don’t know her. never seen her in my life. look at her ugly blue nose, how dare you think that I’ll befriend a blue nosed girl? she must be some crazy girl from the village.’ ‘the prince retorted angrily and walked away. they never met again. the wind fell silent in mourning. the stars would still fall once in a while. but there were no lovers left to make a wish for their undying love.


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