Death, love and delirium

Of all loves lost
I lament yours the most
as I see your lean frame receding into oblivion
through a spiral staircase
that leads you everyday
to a death of your choice.

I visit the cemetery every night
and see other lovers
dig out the corpses of their lost loves
as a sad Moon hides behind clouds or the shadow of Earth
Are vampires necrophilliac too?
I ask in the delirium of a fever
that refuses to go away very soon.

Father strokes my forehead
I haven’t had the chance to look into his eyes since ages
now with my eyes bloodshot with fever
I see his mournful face
through a red membrane
and hear cries and whispers
as I inch slowly to a death forced upon me

Did one star just fall from the sky?
I wish I hadn’t lost you
among many forlorn lovers.
now as i don’t remember your handsome face clearly,
I know how
the loss of each memory makes every return


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