untitled – 2

the flight landed safely. travelers weary from the unprecedented delay got up from their seats hastily. everyone had a home to reach, warm food and companions to snuggle up to, it seemed. a soft blanket of fog covered the runway. she reluctantly reached out for the cabin baggage. only to realise that she was carrying none this time. she always preferred to travel light. but this time she felt she was practically weightless. the hustle around her did not perturb her. she wasn’t walking. her feet felt so light, as if they were still up in the air. no one noticed but she knew that another flight has just crashed. inside her heart. she could feel the violent friction of the broken wings on the reinforced concrete. she felt choked. her burning heart gave away a pall of smoke. she rushed to the smoking zone frantically looking for a cigarette. there were dead bodies all around her. for once it seemed, all the skeletons refused to stay in their claustrophobic closets. they were walking around, shaking hands, making merry. finally she felt at ease. surrounded by a city full of dead people she suddenly knew where to go. ‘taxi!’ she waved at a cab and got in. a ‘no U turn’ sign glowed in the dark.


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